DHL Globalmail & shipping news

We are so happy to announce that we have an international shipping deal with DHL. Basically this means:

➤ shipping is cheaper
➤ shipping is faster
➤ we won’t use our national postal service ever again for international shipping

Your orders will be shipped via DHL Globalmail shipping service from now on. Unfortunately, we still need the final shipping account from DHL before we can start using this service. DHL stated that this should take max. one week.

We’ll ship your orders as soon as we have the shipping account up and running. We are sorry about this little delay. This is still much faster way than to ship your orders via our national postal service.

We’ll make a post about this when DHL Globalmail service is finally up and running. Thank you for your understanding.

We also want to give a big shoutout to the people who emailed us about insane shipping times. We were able to get rid of our national postal service because you told us it’s super slow.

FYI: We have already lowered the shipping prices.

Have an aesthetic week everyone!

Best regards,
Tony, Cityman Productions

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