CITYLP_002: waterfront dining – In Fall 秋 vinyl announcement

After the Bodyline – Instant Images vinyl release, I was wondering what would be Cityman Productions’ next vinyl release? Well, after some thought, I contacted waterfront dining who is a super nice guy and he was excited about the idea of collaborating with my label. Cityman Productions’ second limited edition vinyl pressing will be waterfront dining – In Fall 秋.

Click here to listen to the album.

Once again, I have the honor to release one of my personal vaporwave favorites as a vinyl. The vinyl will be limited to 300 copies. We’ll also make an In Fall 秋 vinyl test pressing giveaway a little later. I have now added the album to our Bandcamp page in case you haven’t listened to the album, link in bio. More details coming as soon as possible.

I want to thank Aldo aka Groove Remote that he asked me once if I had heard the waterfront dining – In Fall 秋 album. wf’s discography is so massive that I admitted that I haven’t heard it even though I was already a big fan of waterfront dining. Aldo said that the album is one of his personal favorites so I basically needed to give it a shot right away.

I can still remember how big impact the album had on me the first time I listened to it. In Fall 秋 is pure vaporwave nostalgia – it sounds silky, vibrant and romantic. The cover artwork is also one of the best I have seen in the scene because the aesthetics are a perfect match with the music.

Yet again, here I am releasing one of my favorite vaporwave albums. Thank you so much waterfront dining, Aldo and everyone who has been supporting my label so far. Everything is possible because of you guys. Have a lovely day!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this release:

-Tony, Cityman Productions

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