man with glasses holding a rose in his mouth

Groove Remote

Groove Remote, rising from the remnants of the glitzy cityscape surrounding him, delves back into the late-night setting he’s so familiar with, born again in the eve of the fall. Tonight, Groove Remote takes you out. The late-night drive finds you in a quiet avenue, far from the city, taking the turnaround. You slow down, you see a neon sign, and suddenly you’re at Formosa Garden. Relaxed, after sundown, surrounded by a tonal quilt.

Groove Remote aims to transfer you to an optimum setting where you will find yourself surrounded by cool breezes, smoke filled lounges, only a walking distance away from the cities financial district and glitzy night-life. For maximum enjoyment Groove Remote is best enjoyed with the company of a significant other.



  • Formosa Garden, 2019