Wonder Cruises promo

Wonder Cruises

It’s 1981. You’re wearing your brand new Lacoste suit and standing at the terminal check-in. The cruise is sold out. You grab your boarding pass and luggage and head out towards the entrance of the ship of dreams. The May sun turns the horizon golden. You only have one more step to take to enter heaven. “Welcome onboard M/S Wonder Cruises,” the Captain says and lifts the peak of his cap slightly to greet you.

Wonder Cruises provides the absolute luxury experiences while sailing the most beautiful seas of the world. Drawing from the synth & pop classics of 80s and 90s, the vaporwave duo created a unique debut album ‘Wedding suite’ that took us on an exiting journey across the endless decks and corridors of M/S Wonder Cruises.

Aiming for original and authentic ambience, the duo produces their music by combining electronic and acoustic instruments.
While Wonder Cruises is all about the elegance and comfort, there’s always something gloomy beneath the sparkling surface.



  • Wedding Suite, 2019