Blashy & Groove Remote – Music For Export cassette

Professionally duplicated cassette with high-quality covers. Half pink, half blue tape. Limited to 30 hand numbered copies.

Music For Export is a binary effort intended to elevate it’s listeners’ consciousness to a state of uncertainty. In the first half of this project, Blashy safely guides you through a night out with syncopated rhythms, endless echos, perfectly cut samples and a tasteful bit of vocoder reminding you to enjoy yourself. The second half of the experience is reminiscent of a maze with twists and turns at every corner. Groove Remote places you at the center of an international, ever-changing soundscape where the longer you listen the deeper you find yourself and behind every sample is another ready to transport you elsewhere. This is Music for export.

2 € will be added to shipping costs for each additional cassette. All products will be shipped as Economy letters or parcels. It can take up to several weeks (3–4) for the shipment to arrive at its destination if you live e.g. in the United States.

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