default.cfg – 世界からの偉大なサイレント cassette

➤ Professionally duplicated cassette
➤ High-quality J-card
➤ Transparent blue tape
➤ Limited to 30 hand numbered copies
➤ Includes a Bandcamp download code

It was June 22, 2020. I remember exactly how it happened. I was coming home late at night, tired and high on all the pressure I felt in the world. I threw myself on the bed without even taking off my shoes that were worn out from walking. During my sleep, I imagined I was waking up alone. Alone in the world. It was surreal because there were no more signs of life. Only me on earth.

I walked around several places that I used to go to: Marble Infinity Plaza, my parents’ house, my friends’ house, my old house. It was desperate to know that I could no longer see the people I love and I never understood why this all happened.

But unfortunately, I realized that I was no longer dreaming.

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