Pizza Hotline – Pressing Business cassette

➤ Professionally duplicated cassette
➤ High-quality J-card
➤ Red and yellow tape
➤ Includes an ultra-aesthetic Pizza Hotline pizza box outer cover
➤ Limited to 30 hand numbered copies

Michael Silviera, head CEO of Generic High-Rise Incorporated enters his office one Monday Morning to find an ominous pizza box on his desk. Unfazed, Silviera has it removed by secretary, Shelly, and goes busily about his business. In another party of the city our anti-hero, Pizza Hotline, cruises soaking wet neon bleached streets carrying out ‘special’ delivery jobs in his beat-up 2041 Sedan. When Pizza Hotline is hired by an anonymous client to ‘take care’ of Silviera things get a little out of control…


Order a pizza with three of your favorite toppings. When you place your order, you get to choose from the toppings mentioned on the outer cover. We’ll then tick the boxes with a black marker in accordance with your choice. You can also order the pizza without toppings (no markings on the outer cover).

All products will be shipped as Priority letters via DHL Globalmail shipping service once a week.

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