Pre-order: Ursula’s Cartridges – Escape To New York Sega edition

This is a pre-order item. Estimated shipping on February 1st. More details and pictures coming as soon as possible.

Ursula’s Cartridges – Escape To New York cassette is now available on Sega Edition for the first time. Includes Sega case with high-quality cover art, art booklet/manual and professionally duplicated cassette with high-quality covers. Limited to 20 hand numbered copies.

2 € will be added to shipping costs for each additional cassette. All products will be shipped as Economy letters or parcels. It can take up to several weeks (3–4) for the shipment to arrive at its destination if you live e.g. in the United States.

Escape to New York was also added to Bandcamp’s Back to the Future: the Top Ten Vaporwave Albums of 2016.


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