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Cityman Productions

μοτηερ - Aesthesis cassette

μοτηερ - Aesthesis cassette

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μοτηερ - Aesthesis

Aesthesis combines cinematic ambient with synthwave and adds some chiptune sprinkles on top. μοτηερ comes from Greek alphabet and stands for "mother", as Aesthesis begins telling the musical tale of the birth of vaporwave. As the album progresses, the race of men will be swiped off the face of the Earth. The album is an emotional ambient experience showcasing both very fragile and powerful synth themes.

Album description
Aesthesis is highly inspired by the nostalgic feeling and aesthetics of vaporwave. The word 'aesthesis' is a synthesis of 'genesis' and 'aesthetics'. Aesthesis begins with the genesis of vaporwave, then slowly turns everything into the finest aesthetic elements. After the aesthesis, there're no men left standing on the face of the Earth. Gigantic busts remain representing the last pictures of men.

  • Format: Cassette
  • Product details: Professionally dubbed, on-body printed cassette shell, high-quality J-card
  • Genre: Ambient, Vaporwave, Synthwave
  • Shipping: Shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer

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