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Gendema - Karambit CD + cassette bundle

Gendema - Karambit CD + cassette bundle

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Gendema - Karambit

This bundle includes the Gendema - Karambit CD and cassette.

Karambit is a visionary album with carefully produced IDM tunes - it's soft and addictive like a marshmallow. Gendema has an outstanding skill to explore interesting sounds and the result is just pure joy to listen. The airy production allows all the different elements to breathe. If an album was an exotic summer night, Karambit would definitely fit the description. The album is a meditative experience and it sounds 101% unique!

Album description

This album is a resolved contradiction between conflict and tolerance. A step forward to the protest, it's the defense of what has already been achieved, it's the victorious gaze of unprotected souls. It's the friendship between conscious materialism and the abstract expressionism of ideas. It's the only weapon in the world that doesn't hurt, it builds.
"There's no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons."
– Gilles Deleuze
  • Format: CD & cassette
  • Product details CD: Glass mastered, 6-panel digipack, on-body printed CD
  • Product details cassette: Professionally dubbed, on-body printed cassette shell, high-quality J-card
  • Genre: IDM, Breakbeat, Leftfield, Downtempo
  • Shipping: Shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer

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