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Cityman Productions

猫 シ Corp. - Good Morning America cassette

猫 シ Corp. - Good Morning America cassette

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猫 シ Corp. - Good Morning America

Prepare to be transported to a time when the world seemed more vibrant and innocent, where the sun rose with hope and dreams were as vast as the American landscape. With Corp.'s signature mastery of sampling, he weaves together fragments of forgotten commercials, TV jingles, and retro pop culture to create a tapestry of sounds that feel both familiar and distant. Long live the weather channel!

Also available as a SEGA box edition.

  • Format: Cassette
  • Product details: Professionally dubbed, on-body printed cassette shell, high-quality J-card
  • Bandcamp code: This item includes a Bandcamp download code which will be automatically emailed to you after purchase. Remember to check your spam folder.
  • Genre: Vaporwave
  • Shipping: Shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer

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