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okybby - Lost in Heaven CD + cassette bundle

okybby - Lost in Heaven CD + cassette bundle

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okybby - Lost in Heaven

This bundle includes the okybby - Lost in Heaven CD and cassette.

okybby charmed the vaporwave scene with their Tired Eyes EP and now the artist is back with the nostalgia dripping Lost in Heaven. The eerie artwork completes the emotional lofi-inspired vaporwave journey. The album is filled with crispy saturations and wobbly tape sounds which give it a cool analog feel.

Album description
The world has come to terms with its fate. You were asked to ascend your being to continue life into a new reality. What you called your home is completely different but somehow familiar now. Maybe you recognize its familiarity from the afterlife? You are being guided to navigate your way through with your imagination. Those who tap into their minds are rewarded. Those who wander without the sight of the minds eye are lost...

  • Format: CD & cassette
  • Product details CD: Glass mastered, 4-panel digipack, on-body printed CD
  • Product details cassette: Professionally dubbed, on-body printed cassette shell, high-quality J-card
  • Genre: Vaporwave, Chillwave, Lofi
  • Shipping: Shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer

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