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thisisldm - Third Earth MiniDisc

thisisldm - Third Earth MiniDisc

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thisisldm - Third Earth

Third Earth is so wild it's almost impossible to describe - you have to listen to it yourself. The album punches you with banging drumbeats, industrial soundscapes and coats everything with noise. It's the ultimate fusion of everything I call slapping, aggressive and harsh. The sound design level has been pushed to the max where it's breaking into millions of life-threatening pieces. thisisldm has managed to wake up a cryptic monster which can't be sent back to the depths of hell after you press the play button.

Industrial hardvapour noise terror at its best!

Album description
"Emerge. Drenched in the neon afterbirth of the reality left behind. This vessel feels familiar, from a familiar place. A machine, a vehicle. Blackened by burn out, blinded by light. This place is new, it is ours, but it is not. It eats us all from within, upon our weary travels. Injects us with a pathogen. Pressure a skull can handle.
The disorienting limbo between dimensions of machine and mega-corporation. Posing as a form of super-artificial hyper-reality and deconstructed dimension. Disconfigured rhythms and instrumentation - scattered and in pieces, soundscapes forming the environment and the path to the third and final step.
Third Earth is our world, but not as we know it."

  • Format: MiniDisc
  • Product details: Professionally dubbed, on-body printed MiniDisc, double-sided 3-panel insert
  • Genre: Hardvapour, Vaporwave, Industrial, Noise
  • Shipping: Shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer

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