Shared Systems profle

Shared Systems 有限

Shared Systems 有限 is a multimedia art project, by UK-based producer thisisldm. Initially starting as a visual-only project in 2016, Shared Systems 有限 later went on to become a musical side-project also, in 2018, with the release of FUTURISM, a concept-based mixtape, which mixed various aesthetic-based genres as well as elements from lo-fi hip-hop, trap and dreampunk. This was then followed by the release of INTERNET MUSIC in 2019, and シェルコープ。in 2020, right here on Cityman Productions!

The mission statement of the project has always been to try something completely new from scratch, by hitting a hard reset after each release – allowing each project to have its own individual identity and Shared Systems 有限 to have as much creative freedom as possible.