Tony, Cityman Productions

Who are we?

Cityman Productions is a vaporwave and experimental record label based in Turku, Finland. The label was founded in the early 2019.

Our purpose is to make Northern European vaporwave offering known to European vaporwave fans as well as to listeners in other parts of the world. Another one of our goals is to spread awareness of vaporwave in the Nordic countries.

The sound and aesthetics of old video games are a major part of Cityman Productions. We aim to stretch the boundaries of vaporwave even further by promoting artists who attempt to create an aesthetic and authentic vaporwave feel without using samples. Despite this, we are very open towards traditional vaporwave as well. We partially gave up on using samples because the majority of our artists prefer to create their vaporwave vibes through original music. This method is only a natural way for us to make music instead of it being a merit in itself.

Physical releases

Although our work is DIY-based, we want to produce high-quality physical releases. Our purpose is not to put out stuff quickly and with as little cost as possible.

Many of our releases are theme albums that are based on a unique story – this makes our albums more than just music. These releases are almost like scenes from films: the cover art creates a visual framework for the music, and this makes the audiovisual experience more all-encompassing. Thanks to this, the album is even more real the moment you listen to it, look at the cover art and follow the story. Our aim is to ensure that the physical releases in particular are well-thought-out wholes that deepen the listening experience. All this crystallizes in our slogan: Aesthetic As Fuck.

Akira Mall – Optical Outlet and Wonder Cruises – Wedding Suite are great examples of these kinds of releases.

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