A decade from Audi: 猫 シ Corp. interview

A decade from Audi: 猫 シ Corp. interview

It's quite mind-blowing to realize that the first part of what we know as the ア​​​ウ​​​デ​​​ィ​​​Audi album was originally released as an EP in 2013. Let's reverse back in time to 猫 シ Corp.'s garage to ask what happened in the Netherlands one decade ago.

– Has it seriously been 10 years already? I still remember making the album at the place we just had moved into. I also just bought my first car; an Audi A4 from 1997 - I sometimes miss that car haha. The album has been a soundtrack for driving that vehicle so yeah I still really love the album, always loved it. I wanted to create a sonic homage to the Audi cars of the 80s and 90s. A great classic vaporwave album in my discography.

Audi isn't the only car-themed album in Corp.'s discography; he also has ISUZU PIAZZA under his belt which is a tribute to the sporty liftback coupé. Why did you decide to produce car-inspired albums?

– My first idea to make Audi came from TOYOTAセリカ , I wanted to do some sort of a tribute in the European Corp style. I grew up with Audis so perhaps it was inevitable. I then later did Piazza to complete the picture, a more classic vaporwave album with a nod to the sound of TOYOTAセリカ. Plus Isuzu Piazzas are awesome (retro)futuristic cars!

Anyone listening to Corp.'s music knows he loves using hilarious commercial samples on his tracks. What samples did you use while producing Audi?

– The EP contained two tracks consisting of commercials I found. I always loved those vaporwave tracks that were made of such small snippets of audio. So I fired up ye 'ol Youtube and went looking for some Asian audio commercials from the 80s and 90s. It wasn't too hard to find and honestly I think I had it all done within an hour.

Classic vaporwave is all about using the aesthetics of commercial companies. Did you ever think or fear that Audi found out about the album?

– I was really hoping that they would find out, like the album and donate me an Audi of my choice but alas... nothing! Nah jokes aside, I never thought about that - I was more afraid of the GTA V sample. But then again, I'm just a drop in the ocean for them.

You were very particular about the physical aesthetics of the Audi reissue. How do you think I managed to fulfill your vision with the SEGA boxes & regular tapes?

– TONY IT'S ABSOLUTELY HORR- I mean it's fire of course ❤️. Audi has to look classy, dashboard black, slick brochure style. Plus I've got this weird fascination with schematics. I understand literally nothing about them but it looks high tech. The style also has to echo that style of TOYOTAセリカ. They're one of my first vapor loves so the homage has to be perfect.

Describe Audi with one sentence for someone who hasn't heard the album.

–  Audi has the best slow jamz to make you feel like you're cruising down the boulevard or the Autobahn.

What would you like to say to your fans?

–  Real cars are boxy!

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