Products & Ecology

Sustainable vinyls

Since the beginning, it has been very important to me that Cityman Productions' vinyls are produced in the most ecological way possible. Therefore all the records are pressed by Deepgrooves which is currently the greenest vinyl pressing plant on the planet.

You might wonder if this affects the sound-quality of their vinyl pressings. Deepgrooves produces Eco-Friendly vinyls without compromising on the sound of their products.

I have been collecting vinyls for almost 15 years now and all the vinyl pressings I have ordered from Deepgrooves sound absolutely fantastic.

Here're some facts about Deepgrooves:

  • Their machines are running with green energy, green gas & solar energy.
  • Deepgrooves' Granulate (the grains which they melt to make a vinyl record of) are based upon calcium zinc stabilizers instead of the classic heavy metal stabilizers, which are highly toxic.
  • Their factory is almost completely circular in terms of waste, recycling and energy.
  • They ship their packages 100% carbon neutral worldwide.
  • As a standard, their orders are shipped in Eco-Friendly heavy duty FSC-certified cardboard boxes and biodegradable paper adhesive tape.

You can find detailed info about Deepgrooves' Eco-Friendly vinyls here:

Cityman Productions & Ecology

I'm always doing my best to run Cityman Productions as ecologically and sustainably as possible. As my label relies on other companies, such as pressing plants, printing companies and packing material companies, I choose partners who run their business in the best possible way in terms of ecology and sustainability.

Here're some examples of what I do:

  • Cityman Productions' vinyl pressings are produced by Deepgrooves which is currently the most Eco-Friendly vinyl plant in the world.
  • All the international orders are shipped via the DHL / Deutsche Post GoGreen solution - read more here.
  • Almost all the printwork (excl. vinyl releases) for physical copies is produced by a local printing company in Turku, Finland.
  • I reuse almost 100% of the cardboard boxes, packing fillers, bubble wrap etc. that I have available when shipping international orders to Germany where Deutsche Post processes all the individual orders.
  • I only use recycled cardboard boxes to ship all the non-Finnish orders to Deutsche Post.
  • The physical copies aren't shrink wrapped because the products have to be protected using bubble wrap in any case before shipping. We have enough plastic in this world already.
  • The vinyls are housed in a reusable sealbag.

Vinyl mastering

All the Cityman Productions' vinyl releases are professionally mastered. I have teamed up with a professional audio engineer who has been mastering for vinyl for almost 20 years. It's extremely important to use professional masters for vinyl to ensure that the final product sounds as it should.