General questions

What are the benefits of ordering via the webstore?

Cityman Productions' webstore

Ordering via the webstore offers you with better shipping rates & correct tax rates. You can also find better bundle deals in the webstore.

By ordering through the webstore you support the artists and my label directly as Bandcamp isn't the middleman in these orders.

I'm currently working on a setup which will send Bandcamp download codes for the physical products ordered through the webstore. It'll be finished in a couple of weeks.


You can also order through Cityman Productions Bandcamp but please note that Bandcamp has several issues:

  1. It's not possible to add the several VAT rates for the EU. I can only add one VAT rate which is the Finnish rate of 24%. I have no control over this on Bandcamp.
  2. Customers outside of the EU shouldn't be charged for tax. The only exceptions are the United Kingdom and certain other countries and US states because Bandcamp is obliged to collect and remit taxes for these orders. The logic behind Bandcamp's tax policy beats me, to be honest.

You can find more information about Bandcamp's tax policy here.

Do you offer wholesale for distros & record stores?

Yes! You can contact me about wholesale deals and catalog price information by emailing me at cityman900 (at) outlook.com.

What is your return policy?

I only accept returns if you received a wrong product. The product has to be in a good condition so that it can be resold.

If you want to cancel your order, it's possible if your order hasn't been shipped out yet. For more information, check out the "Can I cancel my order?" section.

Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please contact me as soon as possible at cityman900 (at) outlook.com.

I can cancel your order only if it hasn't been shipped out.

You'll receive a shipping confirmation when your order has been shipped. Unfortunately I can't cancel your order if it has already been shipped.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer various discounts and bundle options for my customers on the webstore. All the discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

The discounts:

  • You'll get a 10% discount on your first order by subscribing to Cityman Productions' newsletter. You'll find the subscription form at the bottom of this website.
  • I have added bundle options for various products. You'll find all the current bundle products here.
  • Customers located in Europe will get free shipping if their order exceeds €100.
  • Customers located in the United States will get free shipping if their vinyl order exceeds €100.
  • You'll receive the following discounts on vinyl orders:
    - 2 x vinyl = 5% discount
    - 3 x vinyl = 7% discount
    - 4 x vinyl (or more) = 10% discount
  • Other discounts:
    - 5 x CD = 15% discount
    - 5 x regular cassette = 10% discount
    - Buy at least 3 x SEGA Box = 15% discount

Do you have replacement sleeves / cases?

In case you received a damaged sleeve or case, please contact me ASAP and include picture(s) of the damage as proof.


I usually receive vinyl replacement sleeves from the pressing plant. Unfortunately the US warehouse doesn't have any replacement sleeves in stock.

I can always send you a replacement sleeve if 1) you order vinyl records from my warehouse in Finland and 2) there're replacement sleeves left.

US customers should contact me about the replacement sleeves directly at cityman900 (at) outlook.com.

Please note that I won't replace vinyl outer sleeves with minor damage unless you pay for the shipping from Finland.

SEGA boxes

I have many SEGA replacement outer cases. If you receive a damaged SEGA outer case, I can include a new one in your next order.

Regular cassettes & CDs

Unfortunately I usually don't have any regular cassette or jewel case replacements available.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! I do ship to most countries in the world. Please see some exceptions listed below.

How do you pack my order?

Packing of cassettes, cassette boxes, CDs etc.

  • All the orders are shipped using sturdy cardboard mailers.
  • Every product is wrapped in bubble wrap. The inside of the cardboard mailer is filled with tissue paper to prevent the product from moving around during shipping.
  • I don't use bubble envelopes because using them would most likely cause damage to the product during shipping.

Vinyl packing

  • All the vinyl record orders are shipped using sturdy vinyl mailers.
  • The record is taken out of the jacket and both of them are placed inside of the sealbag. The vinyl - the record and jacket inside the sealbag - is then wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • I also add cardboard flaps on both sides of the bubble wrapped vinyl.

Vinyl packing for US orders

The US vinyl orders are shipped from the US warehouse.

The vinyls are shipped out of the jacket inside of the sealbag. The warehouse uses Whiplash mailers for shipping.

How often do you ship?

I ship every second Monday because I'm using the DHL Globalmail service. The main reason for using this service is to keep the international shipping rates as low as possible.

Basically I have to ship all the orders in big boxes to Germany first where Deutsche Post processes the individual orders. After this Deutsche Post ships the orders all around the world.

US vinyl orders

All the US vinyl orders are shipped from the warehouse in the United States on several business days via USPS.

Australia & New Zealand

All the orders to Australia and New Zealand are processed in 1-3 business days. These orders are shipped via the Finnish national post because DHL's deal with these countries expired in 2023.


All the Finnish orders are shipped via Posti. These orders are shipped in 1-3 business days.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Shipping in the EU

It takes roughly 5-7 business days for your order to arrive in the EU after the order has been shipped. The shipping time varies depending on your location.

International shipping

The shipping outside of the EU takes around 1-3 weeks after your order has been shipped. For example shipping to the US takes roughly 2-3 weeks. The current record to the US is one week (from Finland to Texas).

Please note that sometimes international shipping can take a little longer due to various delays in the shipping chain, seasonal traffic peaks, local postal strikes etc.

My order got damaged during shipping. What should I do?

In case you received a damaged product, please contact me ASAP and include picture(s) of the damage as proof.

The orders are double-checked before shipping so that everything is as it should.

Unfortunately I won't replace vinyls with minor damage such as small corner bumps or a very slightly warped record.

It's extremely rare that cassette orders get damaged during the shipping because the packaging is almost bullet-proof.

All the orders are very carefully packed but sometimes the order might get damaged during the shipping. Luckily it's very rare that my customers receive a damaged order.

I have no control over how your order is handled after it has been shipped out.

I gave the wrong shipping address. Are you able to change my address?

In case you included the wrong shipping address, you should contact me as soon as possible at cityman900 (at) outlook.com.

I'm able to change your shipping address only if your order hasn't been shipped. Unfortunately I can't change the address details after your order has been shipped.

Why have the shipping rates increased drastically to Australia & New Zealand?

I used the DHL / Deutsche Post Globalmail service to ship all the orders to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately DHL stopped offering Globalmail services to Australia and New Zealand due to the very high shipping rates imposed by these countries in 2023.

The only option at this point is to use the Finnish national post but their rates are very high for shipping outside of the EU. I'm doing everything in my power to find a more affordable shipping solution to Australia and New Zealand.

Do you ship to Ukraine?

Unfortunately I don't ship to Ukraine at the moment due to the war. The situation is very unfortunate and I really hope that the conflict in Ukraine ends as soon as possible.

Do you ship to Brazil?

Yes but it's VERY important that you provide 1) your CPF number and 2) your phone number when placing an order.

I won't ship your order before you have provided the information mentioned above. Otherwise it's almost 100% guaranteed that your order will be destroyed or returned after arriving in Brazil.