Cityman Productions

Cityman Productions is a one-man vaporwave and experimental record label based in Turku, Finland. I started running the label in the early 2019 shortly after discovering vaporwave.

The sound and aesthetics of old video games are a major part of Cityman Productions. I aim to stretch the boundaries of vaporwave even further by promoting artists who attempt to create an aesthetic and authentic vaporwave feel without using samples. Despite this, I'm very open towards traditional vaporwave as well. I partially gave up on using samples because the majority of Cityman Productions' artists prefer to create their vaporwave vibes through original music. This method is only a natural way for us to make music instead of it being a merit in itself.

I'm always putting out music I personally love instead of following trends. It doesn't matter how small or big the artist is if I dig your album.

SEGA Boxes

Cityman Productions was the first label releasing cassettes housed in a super aesthetic Sega-inspired box. Fans quickly fell in love with the product and the boxes are highly sought-after by cassette collectors in the vaporwave scene. It took almost two years to put all the little pieces together and find the perfect materials to make the boxes a reality.

SEGA Boxes

Worldwide shipping

All my products are shipped worldwide. Most of the items will be shipped from the Finnish warehouse. The vinyl records are also distributed in the United States to provide lower shipping rates for US customers.

I ship all the orders using sturdy cardboard mailers to avoid any damage to the products.

Shipping policy

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