CMP webstore is live!

CMP webstore is live!

After more than two long years, I decided to bring back the Cityman Productions webstore. Getting the webstore up and running has required quite a lot of work, and if you wondered why I haven't been posting on social media recently, this is the main reason behind it.

Bandcamp is such a rascal when it comes to selling merch and music because the platform is pretty broken in my opinion. The logic behind their tax policy beats me, to be honest, and it's impossible to set correct shipping rates, as they don't use weight-based shipping. Also, Bandcamp's cut of 10-15% is quite drastic, considering the many improvements that should be made.

The benefits of ordering via the CMP webstore

  • You support the artists & my label directly without the middleman
  • European customers are charged for VAT based on their country's rate - on Bandcamp it's possible to set only one VAT rate (in my case, the Finnish rate)
  • Customers located outside of Europe aren't charged for tax
  • The shipping rates are lower & accurate

Wait, there're more benefits!

  • European customers get free shipping on orders over €100
  • US customers get free shipping on vinyl orders over €100
  • Grab at least 2 x vinyl to get a discount, check out the discount rates here
  • 5 x CD = 15% discount
  • 5 x regular cassette = 10% discount
  • Buy at least 3 x SEGA Box = 15% discount
  • There're multiple bundle products available here

I'm working on a setup which will automatically send the Bandcamp download code to your email for each physical product you grab through the webstore. It'll be ready in a couple of weeks. Before that, I will manually send the codes to each one of you.

I'm truly sorry if you face any issues with the store. I'd really appreciate if you could contact me in case you face problems so that I can fix them.

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The website looks so good! I’ll be spending quite a bit of time on it for sure :)


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