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Cityman Productions

Bodyline - Instant Images vinyl

Bodyline - Instant Images vinyl

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Bodyline - Instant Images

Instant Images was one of the first vaporwave albums I ever heard. The album still keeps me in its hypnotic grip after all these years - it's one of the loneliest sounding albums in the vaporwave scene. Instant Images is like an explosion of your most precious memories in slow motion. All the nostalgic visions of your past flash before your mind's eye so clearly you can almost grasp any moment and relive it once again. Nostalgic and emotional vaporwave at its best!

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Product details: Light blue record, full-color outer sleeve, full-color inner sleeve & professionally mastered for vinyl
  • Genre: Vaporwave, Ambient, Hypnagogic
  • Shipping: The record will be shipped outside of the jacket in a sturdy vinyl mailer.

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