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Ghostmemory - Reality Collision CD

Ghostmemory - Reality Collision CD

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Ghostmemory - Reality Collision

When you mash mind-shattering Drum & Bass with video game music, you get Reality Collision. The album hits your brain cells with monstrous force and keeps you in its firm grip right to the end. Reality Collision would be the ultimate soundtrack for a cyberpunkish shooter game. The absolutely stunning Y2K aesthetics bring the finishing touch to the core sound of the album.

Also available as a cassette.

"This album is a loveletter to mid 90's Intelligent Drum & Bass. I focused my efforts on keeping things lush while having that nice, gritty low end.
I might've only recently discovered the term "Intelligent Drum & Bass", but this is a sound I very clearly remember being a part of my childhood through VG OSTs for the N64. It is such a vibe and it's a vibe I think this album truly encapsulates." -Ghostmemory

  • Format: CD
  • Product details: Glass mastered, 4-panel digipack, on-body printed CD
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  • Genre: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Vaporwave
  • Shipping: Shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer

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